Boxer and father, Matt Taylor, hits rock bottom after a brutal street attack leaves him for dead. Unable to compete in the biggest fight of his career, he loses his family-run boxing club, a place that has helped turn young, otherwise would-be offenders lives around. But despair is soon replaced with anger as Matt discovers there’s more than coincidence involved in the assault and the need to sell his club to a developer. Matt will enter a murky criminal underworld as he searches for answers and ultimately revenge.

How it started

‘A perfect Plan’ was written and directed by first-time filmmaker, Alex Vernon, who, since a child, has always been experimenting with making his own home movies and animations. However, it wasn’t until 2008, after watching a film at his local cinema that Alex decided to try making his own feature film. He asked a friend if he would play a main character in a film that hadn’t yet been written. His friend agreed and so Alex began writing the script.

Although over the years Alex had many ideas for different possible stories, the one he kept to would be one that was based around love, loss and revenge.

Alex was encouraged by Patrick Bergin (of ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’) to realise the potential of his script. Patrick and many other talented, both professional and amateur actors agreed to help with making of the film for free.

Professional British boxers, including former heavyweight, Julius Francis, and Commonwealth light-middleweight champion, Richard Williams, along with boxing trainer, Ronnie Davies featured in the film and all gave up both their time and valuable advice.

The film is helped by the incredibly strong soundtrack, which was made by various talented musicians who, again, agreed to help out for free, including ‘Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’.

After several years of many re-writes and re-shoots, finally ‘A Perfect Plan’ is almost ready for film festivals and then soon to be followed with a VOD release.